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Are you a healthcare provider interested in providing excellent care to an underserved and marginalized patient population?


We are too. 

We invite you to work alongside us, making a positive impact in rural Guatemala delivering modern healthcare with compassionate solidarity.

*Note: travel costs for visiting volunteer physicians are eligible to be covered by Ventura Global Health Project.


What do past clinicians say?

"We were practicing medicine, the way we imagined we would in our idealistic medical student dreams."

~Anna Rogers, MD

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Laura Bertani, MD

"(APQ) is a tucked in the coffee plantations and hills of western Guatemala. ...with the capabilities to provide the highest quality care possible despite low resources, so that quality of care is not predicated by geography."

Wally Baker, MD

"It was a privilege to work on this small island of hope in the clouds of Guatemala. " 

Seth Alkire, MD

"Sustainable care systems, mindful impact and solidarity within a community. These concepts are the holy grail of global health initiatives. These are also the strengths of rural clinic (APQ)"

What we do...

Our hybrid health center offers:

  • Outpatient Consultation

  • Emergency care 

  • Acute resuscitation

  • Inpatient care

  • Critical care 


We typically see 30-40 patients per day, weighted to outpatient clinic consultation.


Our patients have diverse pathology ranging from what you’d see on a typical day in your regular job to unusual diseases endemic to our region. 


We incorporate point-of-care ultrasound frequently and have access to basic laboratory studies as well as an on-site pharmacy.


What you'll do...


You will be providing direct patient care alongside our local team and providers.


There will be ample opportunities for you to actively participate in knowledge translation as you share your experience and expertise with our local team via didactics, in-situ simulation, and daily patient care.


Our patients, local team, and providers look forward to ensuring that your time with us is an enriching, life-changing, learning experience.


We encourage you to explore the beauty of Guatemala while you are here- black sand beaches, enchanting lakes, majestic volcanoes, Mayan ruins, and more.




You will stay in our rooftop studio apartment during your visit.  The apartment has the following amenities:

  • kitchen 

  • queen bed

  • living room

  • private bathroom

  • private garden area 

  • WiFi

  • and stunning panoramic views!

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