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Clean Water = Life-Changing Intervention

Updated: Dec 14, 2023

Clean water is essential to health. No one disputes that fact.

Sadly, the vast majority of Guatemala's water is contaminated and unsafe to drink- this is particularly true among the rural, marginalized, largely indigenous patient population with whom we work.

There is a direct correlation between lack of access to clean drinking water and increased moribidity and mortality.

The below photos were taken of a river near our community. Litter and sewage contaminate rivers throughout Guatemala.

As a consequence, the presenting complaint of roughly half of our clinic patients on any given day is "abdominal pain." The bulk of those patients are experiencing symptoms due to infectious etiology related to consumption of contaminated water.

Enter Ecofiltros. Ecofiltros are a point-of-use filters designed and manufactured in Guatemala. They filter water using a combination of clay, activated charcoal, and colloidal sivler.

The below images were obtained when we had the pleasure of touring their facility.

We have now distributed nearly 2,000 Ecofiltros. Our post-distribution data demonstrates high user satisfaction and dramatic decrease in incidence of diarrheal illness in homes with Ecofiltros.

When children are not sick as frequently, they are able to grow and develop normally and attend school with greater consistency. Adults are able to work and provide for their families.

The simple, elegant, locally designed and produced solution of point-of-use water filters is truly life-changing.

Consider helping us put more filters in homes. Your gift will go directly to providing access to clean water to our patients and their families.

Click HERE to give the life-changing gift of clean water now.

Photo by Koen Emmers on Unsplash


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