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Hope... Reinforced with Rebar

In our neighborhood- and throughout much of the world, particularly in low and middle income countries- rebar protruding from structures is ubiquitous. The typical scenario is that of a single family home whose owners sacrifice and struggle to construct their humble abode and thereafter leave rebar extending vertically from the roof of their single-story home.

These steel bars lend themselves to an unfinished look to the home. Their presumed future function will be to provide support for the next level of the structure. Frequently, the next level never materializes. The exposed rebar remains steadfast- weathering the elements- for years, often forever.

I confess I previously viewed these cold steel bars with a degree of disdain. They can be a bit of an eyesore and, when viewed in a cynical light, represent the perceived inability to complete a work as planned.

I no longer view protruding rebar in this fashion.

I have updated and upgraded my view to one of greater optimism.

I now smile silently when I see protruding rebar. It is an apt metaphor for HOPE- for a future not yet realized, but present all the same.

I see these tendrils of steel extending skyward as a link from the present to an even larger and more abundant future.  

Hope... reinforced with rebar.

Top photo by Anna Seeley on Unsplash

Second photo: my neighbors' roof


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