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Lab Upgrade... World's Smallest CBC Test!

The robots are coming!!... and our site in rural Guatemala has joined the AI revolution with our most recent lab upgrade.

A couple of weeks ago we received a very special delivery from Brazil. Over the last few years our patients have benefited from generous grant support from Focus Central America. This year we directed a significant portion of those funds to a lab upgrade.

To bring gold-standard laboratory studies to our patients in rural Guatemala, we contracted with HiLab- a visionary company based in Brazil that specializes in remote lab service. Exams are evaluated by AI and results are confirmed by Hematologists.

Our first delivery from HiLab included three new analyzers: the Volt, Lens, and Flow (pictured below).

We are excited about all of our new analyzers, but perhaps none more so than the Lens, which is HiLab's CBC machine. More details below.

Our enthusiasm regarding the recent lab upgrade stems from our desire to provide world-class healthcare to our neighbors in rural Guatemala.

Thank you for joining the revolution!

"The poor need access to the best clinical interventions available, and we are living in a time when double standards of care must be questioned."

-Paul Farmer, Infections and Inequalities (p15)

Top Photo by Andrea De Santis on Unsplash

Video and screenshots from

note: Artificial Intelligence was NOT used in the creation of this blog post, nor any other Wachalal blog posts... just run-of-the-mill human intelligence, which varies linearly with my Oura Ring sleep score :)


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