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Light Multipliers

"The light shines in the darkness, and the darkness has not overcome it."

~John 1:5

Living in rural Guatemala, we are blessed to have access to an amazing abundance of beautiful mountains to explore. Frequently, weekends present opportunities to spend time hiking and trail running. This morning was no exception and we did both.

Prior to heading out on a hike with the family, I was running through the trail that encircles the coffee fields behind our house. In the predawn darkness, my steps were illuminated by my headlamp. After a lap or two, I noticed another headlamp behind me (my oldest daughter, Andrea). Then, another (my wife, Josefina). Another (my wife's sister, Lidia). Another (Lidia's husband, Jesus). By the time our pre-hike warm-up run was over, there were five trail runners and five lights looping through the coffee plants in bloom. The thought occurred to me that in many ways that is an apt metaphor for our work here.

We are light multipliers.

The "we" in the above phrase includes not only our local team, but also those who make our work here possible via support- financial and otherwise. We are all light multipliers.

"We are only the light bulbs... and our job is just to remain screwed in!" ~Desmond Tutu


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