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N. Barrett Self Memorial Scholarship

This year has been replete with exciting additions to our health center in rural Guatemala, but perhaps none more so than the initiation of a scholarship in loving memory of N. Barrett Self, MD (aka Doctor Barry, aka Daddy... pictured above with my mother at his graduation).

My father's quiet example of loving service and clinical excellence continues to influence me on a daily basis. Thus, it was with great enthusiasm that we named the first recipient of a scholarship to honor his life by supporting the dreams of others.

The N. Barrett Self Memorial Scholarship supports medical students here in Guatemala by covering the costs associated with their medical education. Our first recipient, Mariano (pictured below)

is already halfway through medical school. He paused his medical education for a few years due to life circumstances and is grateful to have the opportunity to reinitiate his training. Upon completion of medical school, he plans to join our clinic team.

We are pleased to be:

Honoring our past while building a brighter future in rural Guatemala.

P.S. if you would like to support the N. Barrett Self Memorial Scholarship to aid Mariano and students like him in achieving their dreams, just add a note to your tax deductible donation to Wachalal and we will gladly earmark the funds for this purpose.


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