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Not so sweet.

A previous post highlighted our wellness program and its focus on improving the health of our local team members. That post specifically emphasized the improvement in A1C that our team members achieved. They are not the only ones who have improved their glycemic control. We have a cohort of patients with diabetes who are enrolled in our Diabetes Program. These patients are offered entry into the program after meeting two basic criteria: 1. They have poorly controlled diabetes and 2. They demonstrate a desire and an ability to follow-up in clinic.

Our Diabetes Program seeks to eliminate as many barriers to care as possible and provide patients with monthly visits. These visits include consultation and evaluation with a physician, educational sessions with our certified diabetic educator, laboratory studies, and medications.

Our efforts are yielding remarkable dividends. Our most recent group of patients slashed their average A1C in nearly half! They decreased their A1C levels from an average of 12.18 (estimated average glucose of 303mg/dL) to 7.39 (eAG of 165mg/dL). This massive improvement demonstrates the power of relatively simple interventions- regular follow-up, education, labs, and meds. With your ongoing support we plan to continue to grow our Diabetes Program and positively impact the lives of more patients.


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