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The above video is a brief tour of the resuscitation bay on the first floor of our center in rural Guatemala.

Featured, in order of appearance in the video tour, include:

  • neonatal cart with equipment to care for our smallest patients

  • oxygen concentrator

  • suction

  • cardiac monitor

  • ventilator for both invasive and non-invasive ventilatory support

  • AED

  • defibrillator with external pacing and arterial line capabilities

  • fiberoptic bronchoscope

  • procedure cart (including equipment for pericardiocentesis, tube thoracostomy, cranial burr hole, Blakemore tube, Bakri balloon, etc.)

  • mechanical CPR device

I can confidently and proudly assert that our resus area is the best equipped in our region (and perhaps in the entire country).

With plans to grow our team (2X+) and our hours of service (goal = 24/7/365) in the near future, we hope to put our exceptionally well-equipped resuscitation bay to increasing use in providing life-saving care to our patients.


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