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Starving to Death... in a World that is Eating Itself to Death

Updated: Feb 11

A recent story in one of the local Guatemalan newspapers highlighted a sobering statistic. "Se observa un incremento del 25.7% de casos comparado con los identificados el año anterior hasta esa fecha."

There was an increase of ~26% in cases of acute malnutrition reported in Guatemala from 2022 to 2023.

And..."El aumento no solo se dio en el reconocimiento de casos, también en el reporte de niños fallecidos"

Not only did the number of reported cases increase, but also the number of deaths (i.e. children starving to death).

The expert interviewed for the newspaper story commented: "Menciona que en el país hay un aumento de inseguridad alimentaria 'sin precedentes.'"

There is an "unprecedented" increase in food insecurity in the country.

It is absurd and unjust that while many of the globe's population enjoy an embarrassment of riches and struggle with diseases brought on by obesity, children in some corners of the globe continue to die due to increasing rates.

Unfortunately, our small health center is not positioned to address all of the societal ills that contribute to a world with "unprecedented increase in food insecurity" and a dramatic increase in reported cases of acute malnutrition and deaths associated with acute malnutrition. However, we are positioned very well- via our Nutrition Program- to help the patients who present to our center.

We will continue to aggressively screen for and treat acute malnutrition in our youngest and most vulnerable patients.

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