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In recent months, as we have intensified our fundraising efforts in order to grow our local team and expand our patient census and services, I have found myself in the grant-writing world. It is a novel space for me and ripe with opportunities to learn. For example, I was unaware of the concept of a "Concept Note." Now- while admittedly still a far cry from an expert on the subject- I know that a Concept Note is, per the organization Funds for NGOs, "the shortest expression of your project idea given on paper to a donor."

I am cognizant that our blog audience and our Concept Note audience are not one and the same. The former being made up of "our tribe," a group of hardcore, committed, individual donors, that is the lifeblood of our organization. The latter being a diverse group of larger funders such as other nonprofits, foundations, and private corporations. There exists between these two groups a common ground of commitment to actively participating in bringing lifesaving healthcare to our neighbors in rural Guatemala. Hence, I have included the current iteration of our organization's Concept Note here. Enjoy!


P.S. If you would like to share our story with others, here's a downloadable PDF version.

Download PDF • 75KB

P.P.S. Feedback on our Concept Note is welcomed, particularly if you have grant-writing experience.


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