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Imaging Upgrade... AI Powered Digital X-Ray!

In our most recent blog post we shared exciting news regarding a recent lab upgrade powered by AI. This post shifts our attention to another important area of diagnostics: imaging, specifically, radiographs.

Our site in Guatemala has relied exclusively on ultrasound since we opened our doors back in 2015. That will soon change. In the very near future, with the support of an exceedingly generous donation via Ventura Global Health Project, we will be adding AI powered DIGITAL XRAY to our menu of services!

Specifically, we will be installing the Fuji FDR Xair.

This video highlights the system and its use in screening for tuberculosis:

We will be purchasing our system from a UK based organization, Medical Aid International. Below are some of the highlights of the system as outlined by Tim Beacon, CEO of Medical Aid International:

Images are screened using AI to help clinicians identify pertinent pathology.

For readers interested in more data, below is an abstract from a recently published article that details the sensitivity and specificity of the software (in this case, screening for lung cancer and pulmonary TB in the context of a population with a high burden of both lung cancer and pulmonary TB).

The addition of AI powered digital radiography to our menu of services will undoubtedly improve the care we provide to our patient population. It is with great satisfaction that we are able to actively participate in bringing world-class healthcare to our neighbors in rural Guatemala.

Thank you for helping us ensure that hope is not a limited resource.

“If access to health care is considered a human right, who is considered human enough to have that right?”

~Paul Farmer, Pathologies of Power

Top image from, obviously not our clinical site, but an impressive representation of the portability and versatility of the system we will be installing.


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